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Monday, December 31, 2007

Basking in My Own Grumpiness

Andy, my best friend, bought two wedding books for me: The DIY Wedding, Celebrate Your Day Your Way and Bridal Bargains. Ever-considerate and understanding of my financial state, Andy put the gift receipts inside the books so I could get the money refunded after I read them. Bonus! (as long as Matt and I are gentle with the spines.)

I have to admit I'm a little discouraged already (just after reading the two-page forward of the do-it-yourself wedding guide). The author boasted that her dress "was only $1500" and explained that a bride-to-be should spend no more than $3500 on "partial planning fees."

Does anyone else find these exorbitant prices alarming? Why is it culturally acceptable to dump so much money on one event?

Am I just the Scrooge of weddings? Basking in my own grumpiness and bitterness and refusing to embrace the spirit of the wedding planning season?

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rachelllynn said...

i think i'm the scrooge of weddings actually, we are currently talking about just going to the justice of the peace and getting it over with, i'm glad i came across your blog, it's giving me more ideas and letting me feel ok with not wanting a big showy wedding, i hate those so much
anyway, thanks

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