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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Books Are Always a Great Comfort

Everything we spend that goes toward the wedding gets deducted from our $2000 budget (or should I say our $2000 shackle?). That includes books. And yet books are always a great comfort to me when I undertake new, foreign endeavors (e.g., gardening, sewing, building a co-housing neighborhood).

And planning a wedding is definitely a new, foreign endeavor. I mean, how do you even begin to plan an event if you have no idea how many people might or might not attend? And what does a non-drinking couple on a strict budget do about the open bar situation?

We trekked to the Denver Public Libray (uphill and in the snow) to procure free books, only to arrive 15 minutes after closing time. So then it was off to our favorite bookstore, the Tattered Cover, where I proceeded to read a wedding book [pretty much] from cover to cover so I wouldn't have to buy it: Priceless Weddings for Under $5000.

Unfortunately, all the wedding books about "budget weddings" feature budgets more than 100% higher than our own. Even worse, according to the books' titles, we can only get an "elegant" wedding for $5000, instead of a "fabulous" wedding for $10,000.


Onto more exciting news: Andy, my best friend and the best internet searcher in the contiguous United States, found a very appealing location option: Black Forest Bed and Breakfast Lodge and Cabins.

While Matt spent his time at the bookstore reading books about how to throw an eco-friendly wedding (he's worrying about mine-waste-free rings), I continue to worry about how we're going to find a budget-friendly location that's actually available in July...

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