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Monday, December 31, 2007

Colorado-Themed Review

The lack of fruitful searches has finally led to what appears to be an orchard. We have narrowed our search down to two locations, Shadow Mountain Ranch and Sunshine Mountain Inn. (Can you tell that we live in the Rockies?) Both of these locations appear to have spots so bright that we've gotta wear shades, satisfying our desire to rent out all cabins (30-45 people), while giving us run of the place.

So, without further ado, I give you our Colorado-themed review:

Sunshine Mountain Inn
We have previously stayed at the Sunshine Mountain Inn, which was a handsome little husband and wife location on the doorstep to Rocky Mountain National Park, equipped with a relatively small dancing/dining area outside on a stone patio overlooking several mountains. On site is a hot tub, fantastic breakfast spread, fire pit and nicely maintained cabins. It is a promising locale.

Sea Level:
The Inn maintains a close proximity to the single-lane highway running right by it, giving our guests easy access to other hotels in Estes Park and Lyons, and providing us with eye and ear sores. We are also unsure about the number of people that can comfortably attend our highway-of-love ceremony. Open space is limited and not entirely impressive to the discerning eye.

Shadow Mountain Ranch
The Shadow Mountain Ranch offers comfortable seating for 150-200 people, which would likely be the number of people attending, and is located right in the heart of ski-country in Winter Park. Though it means a two-hour drive for us and our guests, it provides uninterrupted viewing and listening. The cabins are furnished with modern wares, satellite TV, 80-acres to explore, and massage therapy. And, the Ranch is located to some close-by ethnic eateries.

Sea Level:
Drawbacks include: the Ranch's distance from Denver International Airport, the fact that it may be up for sale (we found this out through another website), and the fact that the Ranch is not going to be serving breakfast to large groups, though perhaps with some delicate, we-are-renting-out-your-entire-property nudging this can become a reality.

We'll know better on Friday when we go to visit. Wish us luck.

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