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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Decision

It was a gray, Sunday morning. A rarity in Colorado. Matt and I hadn't yet managed to peel ourselves away from the covers. I had my mind on warmer places, "How about a vacation in Belize?" Matt was a bit on the gloomy side, "If we're saving money for a wedding, there's no way we can go to Belize."

And then it made perfect sense. Why not have a $2,000 wedding? A thousand from each of us. That would surely leave room for a trip to Belize (and allow us to keep saving for that ominous down payment on our first house).

Besides, there are myriad reasons to have a budget wedding:
  1. We are grown-ups. We should pay for our own wedding.
  2. A wedding is just one day. One day! How can we justify spending thousands and thousands of dollars on one day?
So maybe we just have two reasons right now. But they are pretty good reasons.

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Michele said...

LOVE the pictures of you...

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