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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Eight Ball is Not So Optimistic

Andy, Matt, and I--a fortified team of three--spent the past 2.5 hours scouring the internet for wedding locations in Colorado (reasonably distanced from the Denver International Airport, of course). Our search turned up the following: Not a Whole Lot.

It turns out that our top contender, the Bighorn Mountain Lodge, is actually not what it seems in the pictures. On www.tripadvisor.com, a site for unbiased reviews from travelers, one woman explained, "My aunt had to scrub the bathroom floor and the bathtub before she could let her grandchildren enter." Other glorifying reviews said, "For the 21st century it is hard to believe that this kind of accommodation is still on the market." And, a short but sweet summary: "I wouldn't stay here if it was the last place in town."

Matt and I will return to Denver in a few days, after spending our Christmas vacation in Florida. We'll have four days before we start teaching again. Ideally, we'll be able to tour locations and book one for July. Unfortunately, the eight ball is not so optimistic.

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