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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Heck of a Lot Cheaper

Matt, Andy, and I watched a reality TV show today entitled, "Rich Bride, Poor Bride." Interestingly, the show only seemed to feature rich brides. Oh, now that I think about it, I suppose the couple that had budgeted only $15,000 was supposed to be the "poor" couple. Huh.

The rich couple spent $8 on each invitation. Something is seriously wrong with that picture.

Toto, maybe if we were in Kansas, weddings would be a heck of a lot cheaper.

In other news, our planning is progressing nicely. We've got a list of invitees, and we're close to securing a location and a date. Because we're taking financial ownership of the wedding, we have a lot more autonomy than we might otherwise have. For instance, we don't have to kowtow to familial pressure to invite long-lost cousins or golf buddies.

And we've started thinking about the talents and resources of our friends and family and how we can tap into them. My friend, Paul, was a photographer for our college newspaper. I know someone out there would get a kick out of being the bartender.

And, I think Colorado might just be the best state in which to get married. A marriage license is only $10. We can solemnize the wedding ourselves. No blood tests are required. And, to boot, if Matt were my cousin we could still march down that aisle together.

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Carrie said...

As your newly-reconnected attorney friend, some friendly advice on the bartender situation: only licensed bartenders can serve in most non-household venues. You don't want to run amok of CO liquor licensing laws! :)

Shatkicky said...

$8 for an invite?!
I spent a total of $20 to buy 50 invitations and 50 response cards with envelopes for both AND the cost of shipping & handling + insurance. We're planning on writing the invites by hands because they're more personalized, and hand-delivering them, too.
We can be there when our friends and family receive the invitations and share the good news! :)

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