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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Using Our Good Friends

Talk about being resourceful and finding ways to use your friends' super powers in order to make this a memorable and fiscally responsible event. Our bon ami, Nick Schmidt, has agreed to share his sound system and his DJ-ing skills with us for the evening, manning the PA and MC-ing when needed. Not only is he a hep cat, but he has a wide heart and is excited to donate his time and his special skills to the event.

The fact that we will be using our good friends to make the event possible is something that is at the heart of what we are trying to do. Friends helping to make food for the reception, friends taking photos, friends doing Sara's hair, friends altering Sara's dress, even a friend conducting the ceremony. All of these things are typically high-paying and impersonal steps involved in coordinating a wedding.

So, rather than having an event soaked in decisions that we have paid others to take care of, we are having a fun time trying to infuse every aspect with creativity, resourcefulness, affordability, and us.

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1 comment:

Ktina said...

I can crochet, quilt, and scrapbook...if you can use any of those skills, let me know!

Kristina Jones

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