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Saturday, February 2, 2008

How Fun Was That

Matt and I took my dress to a seamstress for alterations yesterday. By "seamstress", I mean a friend of ours who designs her own clothing line for kids: Baby Diggs. We brought over pizza and bread sticks. They provided the salad and the drinks.

Then we went to work trying to figure out the right size for the sash. Once we agreed upon 3-inches and cut the sash fabric, we then cut out the high neck-line in the back and made more of a V-shape. Then the seam was hand-sewn closed to ensure that it matched the other hidden seams on the dress.

How fun was that?

Two nights ago, we reconnected with an old buddy of Matt's who is going to set up his band-quality amplification equipment, so we can implement our budget iPod DJ scheme. We ate Mediterranean food and got a tour of Nick's abode (i.e., a veritable artist commune).

How fun was that?

I'm still passionate about the fact that this wedding planning business should be as fun as possible from start to finish. The planning process is much, much longer than the actual wedding. It's a time to clarify your values (i.e., figure out how to live your life in a way that creates the kind of world you want to live in), communicate those to others (i.e., stand up for what you believe in), and live in a way that's consistent with your values (i.e., go out and make it happen).

Who would've thought you had to be a modern day superhero to plan and implement a budget- and environment-friendly wedding?

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