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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Made Something Better Together

Matt and I finished the invitations. Hand-painting every invitation (front and back) wasn't as tedious as it sounds. In fact, I hope our life together is kind of like our invitation-making.

We easily agreed that we wanted to send postcards instead of envelopes in order to cut back on costs and our environmental impact. We talked about making a stamp but then agreed to watercolor instead. We took turns developing designs, each of us building on the other's design. Consensus about the final design came easily after we had worked through such a collaborative process.

Then each of us completed the steps that came most easily to us. My meticulous self took on the responsibility of cutting the postcards, tracing the stencil, and gluing on the information card. Matt's more artistic self painted the trees and the birds.

We made something better together than we would have independently. And the process was fun (and environmentally-friendly). I hope the next 60 years in our life together are just like that.

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