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Monday, February 4, 2008

Wedding Schema

I am proud (and relieved) to say that I have never stepped foot in a bridal gown store. Phew!

The pressure, the salespeople, the orgy of organza--oh my!

Instead, I've opted for Matt and me, in our craft room, designing embellishments for the $15 dress from the Target clearance section. We decided to embroider along the bottom of the simple sun dress.

I had the general idea of "Birds of a Feather," which entails embroidering birds and trees and other natural stuff. We're getting married outside, in Colorado, after all.

Then Matt took the idea to the next level by suggesting that we embroider the story of our life thus far. So, we are now the "Birds of the Feather." For example, our first date involved running through sprinklers at a park at night. Hence, in that section we are depicted as two birds splashing about in a bird fountain.

The process continues to be fun. And it's something that continues to bring us closer. I have brief freak-outs when I worry that the whole casualness of the affair will make our guests uncomfortable (everyone has particular wedding schema that gives them a sense of comfort).

But then I remember that we are ensuring that this wedding is an authentic extension of who we are and how we love each other and that is, after all, exactly what a wedding should be.

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