Tying the Knot in a Meaningful and Memorable Way (Without Losing Our Savings or Sanity)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our DIY Desires

Okay, enough wondering about why people don't send out personalized wedding invitations (although my aunt pointed out that she had to invite a bunch of random parents'-friends type people, which may be one explanation).

My new query for the day is: Are there people out there who have second thoughts about their spouse-to-be based on things that surface during wedding planning?

It seems to me that planning a wedding reveals so much about what you value and how you live life. With Matt, this is definitely true. Luckily (knock-on-wood) everything that has surfaced reiterates that we're very aligned with each other. We have a very similar vision of what we want the event to feel like. We usually build upon each other's ideas. Maybe every pre-engagement couple should be forced to plan a major party together before committing to tie the knot?

And, to add icing to the cake (real butter icing, not that plastic wedding icing), I feel so, so lucky to be joining the Bradford family. Matt's parents are spending a week visiting us in Denver (from Bloomington), and they are so helpful and supportive about this whole wedding gig. They respect and support our DIY desires.


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Anonymous said...

My brother and his fiancee split up two months before thier wedding... Unfortunately the thing they learned about each other is that they weren't right together...

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