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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Add More Fuel to the Bonfire

Now that our invitations are out there in the black abyss of the U.S. Postal System (I don't mean that negatively; I am a huge fan of USPS), we've had to hurry and put the final touches on our website.

My best friend, Andy, helped us locate and install a guestbook feature that lets people upload photos and write a brief bio about themselves. In my mind, it's a great way to build community and help people from two different camps (Sara v. Matt) find common ground before it comes time to mingle.

We asked a few of our closest friends to sign it now as a way to model for other people what the purpose is. This picture is from Matt's friend Noah. His corresponding bio: "Wassup single ladies!!!"

It cracked us up (immensely!) but, in the end, we decided to censor it. We figured there's enough in our non-traditional wedding to freak out the grandparents; we didn't need to add more fuel to the bonfire. (But Noah, we love you!)

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