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Monday, April 7, 2008

Alcohol Plan for Our Budget Wedding

Matt and I are fresh off the plane from our dear friend Camella's wedding in good ol' Houston, TX. Her wedding kind of lit a match under our arses about our own wedding. When you've got six months to plan a low-key, there's no real sense of urgency (beyond securing the location).

But when you're down to four months, you start to realize it's time to get moving.

So, we've got tasks assigned to each week for the next four months.

One of the things on tap for this week: solidifying the alcohol plan for our budget wedding.

Here's the tentative rough draft of our alcohol plan for roughly 100 guests:

1) A frozen margarita machine (serving peach margaritas)
2) Two 1/2 kegs
3) Boxed red and white wine

We've got approximately $500 of our budget going toward alcohol, and we figure this is a good way to divvy it up.

I would specifically appreciate your input about which two types of beer to purchase from the attached list: http://www.superiorliquor.com/keglist.asp. Please think in terms of broad and diverse appeal (from our college buds to our grandparents). My alcoholic knowledge is next to naught, so your input would be greatly appreciated.

If you have other comments about the overarching alcohol plan, we'll accept those as well.


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Unknown said...

Wow, going to a friend's wedding four months before your own...that sounds familiar. Marsha and I learned a lot from Christine's wedding right about that time.

For beer? I'd suggest one "safe" beer with broad appeal, of the Miller/Coors/Bud variety, and one specialized local brew. That way you've got something for both sides of the beer-snobbery battle.


Amy said...

Amstel, Harp, and Newcastle are safe--not too dark and still classy. I would definitely put Coors above Miller, Bud, and Michelob. And Coors was the cold beverage of choice at most outdoor festivals in Louisiana!!

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