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Monday, April 14, 2008

Good for the Budget and the Environment

The invitations went into the mail today.


It's 3 months and 5 days to the wedding (no, I'm not obsessively counting the days; I set up a countdown feature on our wedding website).

I think that's enough time for the out-of-town folks (which is pretty much everybody), especially because we sent save-the-date cards.

The invitations are a simple postcard with a hand-painted tree and the wedding details on the front and personalized notes from Matt and me on the back. Since finishing the invitations, we have decided to change the ceremony time, which means our invitations have a big fat error on them.

Oh well!

The invitations cost very little to make. We already had tons of water color paper and watercolors. The stamps were only $0.26 each.

Good for the budget and the environment!

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jordo said...

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Unknown said...

How did you create the same image on each invite? I read in one of your earlier posts that your husband wrote, that you created a template to transfer the image over and over.

How did you do this? My fiance and I are making our own invites, and I've made a sketch we'd like to incorporate, and I'm baffled at how to have this image transferred without having to sketch each one out individually, or scanning the image and printing it on.

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