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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Intimate and Relaxing Environment

Yesterday, Matt and I trekked to the Sunshine Mountain Inn (site o' reception) to talk through some details with Cathy and Cory, the lovely inn owners.

The visit completely reaffirmed that we picked the right place. So many of the reception sites we looked at included "wedding coordinators." Cathy and Cory are more like friends who have agreed to help us out. When we explained that we wanted to string white Christmas lights around the outside area, they piped in, "Oh, we have about 20 strands you can borrow." When we asked about the chair situation, Cathy offered to try to borrow some more folding chairs from another B&B in the area.

Phew. They are really fun to work with. Plus, it's such an intimate and relaxing environment. It will really allow us to reconnect with good friends and family.

Matt and I walked around the property, trying to plan the layout. This deck is where Cathy and Cory will set up three grills, so we can cook up some yummy fajitas. Hooray!

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