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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Never-Ending Hall of Mirrors

Matt hasn't been sleeping well. It's a sure sign that Stress is paying us a visit (plus our neighbor has a blood hound that rises earlier than the roosters and starts the day with a startling bark).

When we laid out our plan for accomplishing all our wedding "to-do" items before July, I felt a lot better. It allowed me to focus on just a few things each week. But I guess it had the opposite effect on Matt. Now he just sees all the tasks ahead of him, staring back like a never-ending hall of mirrors.

Tonight was fun (for me). We went to Sam's Club (my dear mum includes me on our family membership) and priced things like compostable plates, sodas, and avocados. They even have a gallon of Breyer's Ice-Cream for a mere $6.14. [Editor's Note: Yes, I know that Sam's Club is really just the warehouse version of Wal-Mart, and, no, I am not a Wal-Mart supporter. But we can't have an all-organic, all-local wedding without dumping loads of [non-compostable] cash.]

When we returned home, I offered Matt my services as an organizational consultant (in yoga pants). I helped him look at his to-do list. To-do lists are totally and utterly overwhelming unless certain tasks are assigned to certain days. That way, you can concentrate on a few tasks at a time and rest assured that everything else has been assigned to a different day and will get done when it needs to. I tried to help him realize that he only needs to focus on what needs to get done today. He doesn't need to worry about the whole pile of things that needs to get done this week. It seems to have helped a little bit.

I'm excited that we're bringing friends and family together for a big fiesta. And I'm especially glad that I'm marrying Matt. Cheesy, but true.

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