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Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Life Story Around the Bottom

The dress is coming along.

If you remember, we bought a $15 sundress from Target (approximately $20 with shipping/handling), and we're embroidering our life story around the bottom.

Embroidery is quite the commitment, but I make a habit of calling friends while I work on it. The featured section is from our time in Denver (hence the evergreen tree), and Matt and I are represented as birds. The purple thing is the fox we saw run down our street last summer.

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant and gorgeous and such a great extra. :)

Katie said...

So I realize I'm a little late, but I just discovered your blog today and I'm hooked! I've still got some (okay... a lot) of time before my wedding, but the idea of a super expensive wedding dress really annoys me. I've tried on white sundresses at Target, Macy's, etc. but my biggest concern has always been that it's TOO plain/casual. When I found your embroidery idea, I nearly peed my pants. I definitely don't want to steal your idea completely, and I have ideas of my own, so I guess my question is... is embroidery difficult for somebody who is completely needle-and-thread handicapped? I've tried and tried to learn how to sew, but it frightens me to be completely honest. But I WANT to learn! :)

And congratulations on everything, especially keeping true to your budget. Totally inspiring!

Sara E. Cotner said...

Hi Katie,

Embroidery is so easy! (albeit time-consuming...)

The first thing I ever embroidered was a dish towel and it turned out beautifully.

And I love this dress: http://2000dollarwedding.com/2008/10/diy-add-applique-to-your-wedding-dress.html

She simply cut out some fabric and glued it on!

Good luck (and send me pics of the results!).

the workwear embroidery guy said...

@Sara - I would not say embroidery is so easy, in fact i would say it is a skill that takes many years to master.

I embroider workwear for a living and everyday i come across problems digitizing etc.

Your embroidery is amazing, and i love the design you have put on this dress. Congratulations on your wedding being a success, im glad everything went okay for you =)

All the best

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