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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Quasi-Real Tie

When you plan a DIY, budget wedding, you have to get pretty resourceful.

What's on today's episode on "How to Pull Off a Wedding on a Shoestring" you ask?


Yep, that's right. I made a tie for Matt to wear on our wedding day.

Long story, short, my dress has way too much fabric around the waist area, so I have to make a sash to cinch it in. Since we're implementing a general policy of reusing (in order to conserve money and be more environmentally-friendly), I decided to cut up a dress I bought in India and use the fabric for the sash. With the leftover fabric, I decided to make Matt a tie.

Luckily, we happened to have an old, cut-up tie lying around the house, since our dear friend Chong-Hao recently gave us one of his.

I simply used the other tie as a pattern for this one. With the help of a few online tutorials (on tie-making and using a slipstich), I was able to pull it off.


I still can't believe it. I actually made a quasi-real tie.

This wedding stuff is fun!

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Unknown said...

That is very impressive. The slip-stitch alone is nerve racking. Looks great though!

Unknown said...

that tie is fantastic! perhaps that is the solution to my problem of not being able to find inexpensive ties in our color scheme. Care to share a tutorial?

Sara E. Cotner said...

Here's the tutorial, Jessica!


I would recommend taking apart an old tie and using that as the pattern (and using the inside for stiffness).

It made it much easier.

Have fun!

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