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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Return Some of the Favors

Wedding planning is my new hobby.

Well, planning my own wedding is my new hobby.

Yes, planning has always been one of my hobbies, but this event is especially fun.

Today, we got a message from the owners of Sunshine Mountain Inn (the reception site) saying they had already contacted the recycling center in town. They are going to take charge of setting up separate bins and carting everything to be recycled after the wedding.

And they secured 30 more chairs for us, by borrowing them from another B&B.

And they're figuring out the parking situation with the local authorities.

How amazing are they?

Taking the non-traditional route has really facilitated the building of authentic relationships. At some of the wedding sites we looked at, two or three couples would be scheduled to get married on the same day.

Matt and I volunteered to help them with their spring gardening. I hope they take us up on the offer so we can return some of the favors.

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