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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting Stronger and Stronger

One sign that we're doing things right with this wedding planning stuff is that my connections to friends and family are getting stronger and stronger.

I've been e-mailing and talking with friends more, and my grandfather just sent me a piece of a chief's robe he was given when he worked in Africa.

And today, someone I met in middle school e-mailed me randomly and said she had read about our $2,000 wedding through a link on Facebook. She wrote:

"I really admire the values and awareness with which you are approaching this special event in your life. Having planned a wedding not that long ago, I can relate to the over-the-top and often ridiculous nature of the wedding industry. Plus, it sounds like you're having fun doing it! Anyway, I read that you are making your ring out of recycled gold from friends and I was wondering if I could contribute. I don't have much (not being a big jewelry fan myself) and what I do have is not hugely valuable, but I would love to contribute in some small way to something so meaningful."

It's so cool that weddings can strengthen relationships and build community.

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