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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Old Gold

The list of people contributing old gold to our recycled wedding ring cause is growing! Add to it the mom of an ex-boyfriend, as well as my best friend from high school.

My friend, Camella, is going to look for her dad's wedding ring from his first marriage (not her mom). She said, "I don't want to leaden your union with bad karma. are you okay with that? It would be a lot of gold."

I pretty much think the bad karma will melt out during the recycling process. Plus, I think there's so much good karma from our friends and family taking the time to find and mail their old gold.

It is a little taxing, according to my ex-boyfriend, Jeff. He said he's getting tired from all my requests. First I requested the old gold. Then I requested a piece of fabric. He said he can't imagine what planning his own wedding will like, given the fact that he's already exhausted from participating in mine.

Here's another ring I'm considering. It's much simpler and subtler. I dig it.

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