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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So We Could Spend More Time with Them

This weekend, Matt and I are planning to trek to Sunshine Mountain Lodge to help the innkeepers, Corey and Cathy, do a little yard work. They are so fun to be around; we just volunteered to help so we could spend more time with them.

Building good relationships--real relationships--with the vendors involved in the wedding makes a huge difference. It's such a big part of ensuring that the wedding planning experience is fun.

Then again, we've also limited the number of vendors we're working with (no photographer, no caterer, no florist, no dress people, no hairstylist, no DJ), so that means we're mainly working with our friends.

Doug Faber, Marsha Heard, and Paul Davis will be our paparazzi. Brent's in charge of the fajitas, Andy's the lead on the salsa, Camella's got the bean and corn salad, Christy's picking up the cakes and the margarita machine, Nick is setting up the music, Beth is doing my hair, David is teaching a swing dancing lesson, Camella's leading yoga, Peter's washing the cloth napkins so we can use them two nights in a row, Chong-Hao is setting up the s'mores, Katy's setting up the group photography, Amy's collecting room payments, Mike and Tom are setting up the alcohol.

It's very intimate.

I just hope these assignments don't feel like chores to the guests...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heck no! I've certainly never been nervous/excited about chores before. :)

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