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Monday, May 19, 2008

Wedding Coordinators of a Very Different Breed

Matt and I have managed to find "wedding coordinators" of a very different breed. Maybe that's because they aren't really wedding coordinators.

Cathy and Cory are the owners of the Sunshine Mountain Lodge, the bed and breakfast/wellness retreat we're renting out for the wedding festivities. Matt and I trekked there this weekend to help out with their garden. They've been so kind to us; it's the least we could do.

While we were busy trying to repay them, they wanted to repay us for our volunteer labor. They took us out to lunch at a yummy little cafe in town, and then we all (the dogs included) played with shovels and dirt. Their goal is to have a beautiful flower garden in time for the wedding.

Working with them has taken so much stress out of the entire process. Every time we have an idea, they take it and run with it.

Matt-n-Sara: "We would like to string white lights between all these trees."
C-Squared: "Okay, we actually have about 25 strands you can use."
Matt-n-Sara: "We would like to use compostable paper products for the reception."
C-Squared: "Okay, we'll set up different bins for everything, talk to the local center about composting everything, and make sure it gets there after the wedding."

Wow. We are all becoming fast friends. I can't imagine getting married at a Wedding Factory.

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