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Thursday, May 1, 2008

We're Parents

We've got a pretty solid outline of a ceremony planned. We started by thinking about what we wanted people (ourselves included) to think, feel, and/or do as a result of the ceremony. For example, we wanted people to be inspired to be more nurturing, authentic, and honest in their interpersonal interactions. We also wanted them to feel valued, loved, and appreciated.

We worked backwards from there to plan the smaller components. I feel very content with the outcome and very proud that we're constructing a ceremony that reflects us and our life together.

We didn't get beyond the outline (into the actual scripting and such) because we adopted a dog.

We've been befriending Haus, the tan bloodhound next door, through the chain-link fence for the past couple weeks. Our neighbor mentioned that he was thinking about getting rid of his dogs. As we went to sleep last night, we heard our neighbor talking about moving his stuff out of his house.

We knew we had to act quickly. This afternoon, we went over and asked our neighbor if he had thought about putting Haus up for adoption. He said he was thinking about driving him to his uncle's farm in Nebraska but mentioned that it would cost at least $200 each way. We offered to adopt Haus ourselves and told him to think about it.

When we returned from an AIDS fundraiser at a local pizza restaurant, our neighbor came over and said we could have him.

And there you have it. We're parents.

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