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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Whole Cakes, Whole Foods

Yes, our wedding is going to be untraditional, but it will still include baked goods (in the form of cake).

Fortunately for us (and our budget), we're not really into traditional wedding cakes. Yes, they are beautiful, but the plastic-y icing has never floated our boat.

That leaves us with real cakes. Since we're getting real cakes, we can order a wide assortment of 8-inch cakes: carrot, white, tiramisu, cheese, chocolate, etc. We're thinking of ordering 8-10, depending on our final count.

We haven't been able to find any truly appealing bakery options in Denver, so we're actually leaning toward our friends at the Whole Foods bakery. We've become quite the regulars at the counter--not because of our wedding planning--but because there are always yummy samples up there.

On our last visit, we asked for an official taste test, and the super-friendly woman behind the counter gladly obliged. We tasted all sorts of deliciousness, and even received very candid opinions from the baker (e.g., she warned us to avoid the chocolate cake because it's vegan and dry).

We're leaning toward this option (after all our tasting, we still ended up buying a piece for dessert), There's a slight possibility that we'll try out a mom-n-pop German bakery in Loveland, CO, but we'll see.

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