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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Entering into the Marriage Consensually

Colorado must be the easiest state in which to obtain a marriage license.

Matt and I walked into the DMV. Yes, the DMV. The nearest one was a mere 1.2 miles away.

We took a number.

We waited approximately eight minutes.

We gave her our names, our parents' names, the cities of our birth, our social security numbers, and our address. We confirmed that we are entering into the marriage consensually and that we are not related by blood (even though first cousins are allowed to marry). Then we paid $10 and walked out with our marriage license.

On our wedding day, we simply sign it. (In Colorado, the bride and groom can solemnize their own marriage.) Then we mail it back to city.


Now, if only Colorado would legalize same sex marriages...

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