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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fabric Flowers

The bandanna for the dog, Hoss, is coming along. Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to unify the wedding party, since they are all allowed to wear whatever the heck they want.

Because Hoss gets to wear a piece of our signature (I guess you could call it that) fabric, I figured the wedding party could wear it, too (although we don't have much left).

Since both sides of the wedding party include males and females, and we don't really want to distinguish between Matt's side and mine anyway, we decided the ask the whole gang to wear fabric flowers.

Turning to my mentor, Google, I did a quick search and found a great tutorial.

Thirty minutes later, I had my first flower. This stuff is really fun.

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Ashley said...

that flower is beautiful! how did you make it?

Flower Arrangements said...

very creative!


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