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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Many Scary Points Along the Way

The quilt is finished! Our house has been in such disarray since the project started (i.e., fabric scraps, an ironing board, sewing machine, etc.). I put in extra hours last night just to get it finished.

In the end, we decided to make it a duvet cover because we figured we would get more use out of it. I simply sewed an old sheet from the thrift store to the underside of the quilt and added some buttons along the bottom. I also sewed a bit of ribbon to the inside edges of the duvet cover and the outside edges of the down comforter to prevent it from slipping.

Honestly, I can't believe this quilt thing worked out. Three weeks ago, I learned how to quilt a pillow, but I still can't get over the fact that I was able to translate that meager knowledge into a finished project as big as a whole quilt.

There were many scary points along the way. For example, we nearly ran out of denim fabric, the fabric wasn't long enough, I couldn't get the squares to line up. Yada. Yada. In the end, it really came together. I'm still not exactly sure how, and, at this point, I'm not up for trying it again.

However, it's been such a fun process: receiving fabric in the mail from friends and family, building squares with Matt, piecing it together. We feel really proud of the finished product and it will have meaning to us for years to come. Hooray!

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megan said...

i made a quilt for my fiance for his birthday, and he happened to propose to me that same birthday. so quilts are SUPER special. i LOVE this idea, and i already typed up the save-the-dates with requests for fabric. we're not doing a quilt wrapping ceremony, but we're going to display it at the reception over the fireplace.

that quilt, which was my first big sewing project was one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding experiences i've ever had. everytime i pass it i get a sense of pride and accomplishment. not only because it was so beautiful (it takes sewing skill AND aesthetic creativity), but because i know my fiance loved it so much.

in short, they're a pain in the ass and i have yet to attempt another one, but they're totally worth it in the end!

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