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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A More Casual Quilt Genre

The wedding quilt process has started. Matt and I swung by the fabric store and purchased some muslin (I'm going to do foundation quilting), and we decided on a dark denim for the background of the quilt. Luckily, the denim was 60% off. Hooray for sewing store random sales!

The plan is to create 12 squares (with nine different pieces of fabric within each square). Then we will nestle these squares within a denim background. For those of you who know anything about quilts: the design for each square will be the log cabin style.

The whole thing is based loosely on one of the quilts we saw at the Gee's Bend exhibit at the Denver Museum of Art. I love that my first experience with quilting is based on a more casual quilt genre. I couldn't imagine pulling off anything Puritanical. No measuring for me. No precision, really. I just make sure I can sew the pieces together, I place them right sides in, and then I sew. Oh, and I iron a lot. It makes everything look better.

I'm building each square on a piece of muslin. I learned this type of foundational quilting at a pillow-making class a few weekends ago. Since it's the only quilting-esque thing I know how to do, I went for it.

It seems to be working out okay so far. I'll attach pictures of the pillow I made in class.

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