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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Neither of Us Has Any Experience with Quilting

We're making serious progress on the quilt. [Skip to paragraph four if you already know what the quilt is and why we're making it.]

For those of you new to our little diary o' wedding planning, we asked all of our friends and family to send us small pieces of fabric. Our goal is to quilt them together, so we can include a Quilt Wrapping tradition in our ceremony. It's a mix between the Jewish tradition of getting married under a huppah (which can be constructed from the fabric of friends and family) and a Native American tradition of being wrapped in a blanket.

Neither of us has any experience with quilting. Zilch. But we are liberating ourselves from all rules, regulations, and rulers.

I did two squares last night. Matt has already done one this afternoon and he's in the process of finishing a second one. We need twelve altogether. The goal is to finish the bulk of wedding preparation within the next two weeks, so the following two weeks can be devoted to packing and preparing for a move.

New pet, wedding, a move, new jobs. Aren't those like four of the ten major stressors in life? Let me see if I can find a list.

Oops. It turns out it could be a lot worse.

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