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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Entrenched in the Process

We are in the final stretch: 1 month and 8 days to go. Matt and I have taken a break from wedding planning for the past two weeks to close out the school year (we both teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades at public Montessori schools) and take a road trip.

We traveled from Denver to Utah to Idaho to Oregon to California and home again. Our trip was full of unforeseen obstacles (like a veritable wall of fuzzy mosquitoes at our campsite in Utah and gunshots in the middle of the night at our campsite in rural Oregon). I almost forget there was also the time our dog peed in the tent.

But, like life and our impending marriage, what you choose to focus on will determine your general impressions and ultimate happiness. So, instead, I choose to remember watching our dog overcome his fear of water in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, shopping at the Farmers' Market in Bend, Oregon, picnicking at a private campsite with towering trees, swimming in a clear lake off the Californian highway, watching Matt walk to the edge of a bluff and see the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

Refreshed from the trip, we now need to kick it into high gear. We need to move from wedding planning to wedding execution.

In the last hour of our ride home yesterday, Matt and I talked through the project plan and translated it into our last action items.
  1. Talk to Kim about Friday
  2. C2=agenda, not Wed. night, flowers
  3. Figure out jobs
  4. Finalize Mr. Margarita
  5. Figure out bunk situation
  6. Make signs
  7. Favors/gifts
  8. Finish dress
  9. Finish sash
  10. Fix necklace
  11. Work on quilt
  12. E-mail Katy about photos
  13. Solidify agenda with Andy
  14. Make Andy’s binder
  15. Finish vows
  16. Make napkins
  17. Make tablecloths
  18. Make favors
  19. Make one-pagers
  20. Finish “to bring” list
  21. Make programs
  22. E-mail people who have not RSVPed
  23. E-mail people where they are staying
  24. Buy flickr storage
  25. Order kegs
  26. Order tamales
  27. Order cakes
  28. Make Amy’s $ sheet
  29. Print up final schedules and checklists for everyone
Luckily, this kind of stuff is fun. Phew! It feels really great to be so entrenched in the process.

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