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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wedding Favors Are a Detail

I'm violating one of my own wedding recommendations: Don't obsess about the details.

Wedding favors are a detail. As a guest, I've definitely enjoyed favors, and I've also found them utterly useless and wasteful.

When they aren't there, I don't even notice.

However, I had an idea for favors that is actually really cheap to implement (and it's good for the environment), so we are going to make favors.

Since we're serving homemade guacamole at our reception, our favors are going to be handmade seed packets with directions for growing cilantro on the front (which is a main ingredient in our guacamole) and our guacamole recipe on the back.

We ordered bulk organic cilantro seeds and will use cardstock we already have. We're going to simply fold up the bottom portion of the cardstock, put the seeds in, and sew it up.

The seeds cost $21, so that's about 40 cents per favor.

It's still an unnecessary detail, but at least it's a cheap detail.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE it. it's a simple way to say "thanks for driving, flying, buying, and coming out to supporting us." it might be minor, but it's a special touch.

i found fish cookie cutters for 50 cents apiece, and we're filling them with goldfish crackers and wrapping them in tulle. it will equal out to about 80-85 cents a favor. this is soooo much better than $1.50 or so....

Charlotte said...

My dad made his trademark guacamole for our wedding, and had too many people asking for the recipe - I ended up writing it out for many people over the last two years.

Good recipes are a great gift (indeed the only thing I asked for at my "shower") - so this is a perfect favor!

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