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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Arrival of the Rings

After much eager anticipation (and slight anxiety about the fact that they might not come on time), the rings finally came (with eight days to spare).

I am sorry to say, dear readers, that I have a love/don't-exactly-love relationship with it.

Here's what I love:
  1. They were made from the recycled gold of our friends and family, so they have a ton of sentimental and symbolic value. It's as if we took all of their influence and are now shaping it into something new.
  2. Because they were made from old gold (and because my stone is synthetic), no pernicious mining went into our rings.
  3. My ring is very simple and practical, which is perfect for me. It doesn't get caught on things and I can rest my cheek against my fist without any serious indentation damage. It will be a comfortable companion day after day (like my future partner--cheesy, but true).
  4. It fits perfectly. I wanted it to fit loosely because I feared finger claustrophobia. It has room to move, but it still feels secure.
Here's what I don't exactly love:
  1. The band is a little thicker than I wanted it to be, so the stone-band proportion feels a little off. I intentionally went with a tiny 2mm stone (see reason #3 above), but I wanted a tinier band so the stone would be a little more prominent, relatively speaking.
  2. The orange sapphire is a little too orange most of the time. I really wanted the darker orange of citrine, but greenKarat only had sapphire. The good part is that it's the kind of sapphire that shifts between orange and pink, which is exactly what the fabric does on the dress of my sash, Matt's tie, and Hoss's dog bandanna.
Hmm...I'm noticing that the "don't exactly love" items are purely cosmetic. The other items are about meaning, comfort, and function. Ideally, I would have had my cake and eaten it too (a ring is, after all, a daily piece of adornment and you should love looking at it).

But if I had to do it all over again, I would probably still prefer to have more eggs in the environmentally-friendly, comfortable, practical, meaningful basket than the stunningly beautiful basket.

I wish you one big combo basket!

As far as Matt goes, he says he likes his ring "more than I thought I would." I didn't realize he anticipated not liking the ring he picked out, but I'm glad he likes it. Unfortunately, it needs to be resized, but bigger is better when you're getting married in eight days.

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Rebecca said...

my engagement ring had an orange sapphire as well. i picked it because my husband's favorite color is orange and absolutely everything he buys is orange. so everytime i look at the ring i smile and think of him and his silly quirks. i was surprised by the broad range of colors of orange sapphires. i called every jeweler in town and went to see what they had before i finally picked out the one for my ring. yours sounds lovely! the pink/orange ones are called padparadscha and are mostly found in sri lanka.

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