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Friday, July 4, 2008

Bitter Bride

Our neighborhood has a big Third of July shindig. I had the chance to meet a newlywed couple, and I jumped at the opportunity to ask them questions about their wedding.

Almost immediately, the complaining started. It was primarily directed at the photographer's wife who apparently walked around the reception with a sprig of cilantro hanging from her mouth. She chewed it like cud. Then, as soon as the ice-cream buffet was set up, she got in line first. The bride was particularly angry because she wanted a picture of the ice-cream buffet before anything was eaten.

Also, their officiant was stoned. Or at least that's their story. He supposedly had the munchies really bad and made a bee-line for the appetizers as soon as the ceremony was over.

The bride's complaining started getting so angry and loud that the husband had to step in and remind her that it was a good wedding. She nodded in agreement but then reminded him about the meltdown she and her mom had at the big event.

I'm usually fine when bad things happen to me because they make a good story. But I don't want my wedding to be one of those stories.

I want it to be full of authentic connection and expressions of friendship and love.

I'm excited that we don't have any random [and therefore unpredictable] vendors. We're doing the food ourselves. Our friend, Christy, is bringing the cakes. Kim is picking up a bouquet from the grocery store on her way over. My best friend is officiating the ceremony.

No, it won't be as aesthetically pleasing as a Modern Bride spread. The food won't be earth-shattering. The dress won't be stunning. There won't be many flowers to speak of.

But that's not the goal. Our goal is not cosmetic. We want a deep wedding that touches people and changes them for the better.

I think we're on the right track. (Well, I'm crossing my fingers we're on the right track.)

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