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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bottoms Up

The kegs have been ordered. We decided to go with one [apparently] cool beer: New Belgium Sunshine Wheat and one stand-by: Miller Light. We ordered a 1/4 of the former and 1/2 of the latter.

It's hard to estimate how many guests will drink beer versus wine versus frozen margaritas. It's also hard to pick something that will please the crowd. In the end, I just think to myself: "It's about love, commitment, friendship, connection--not _____________." (In this case, "alcohol" fills in the blank.)

We paid a little more for the kegs from Liquor Mart than we would have at Superior Liquor. However, our friend, Mike, is picking them up for us, so we wanted to go with the place that was most convenient to his house.

And, once again, we came in under budget. Miraculous! We budgeted $150 for beer and racked up a $140 bill. Hooray!

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