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Friday, July 18, 2008

Day Three of the Wedding Extravaganza Part 1

I started my day by waking up next to Matt in our comfy, cozy bed at Sunshine Mountain Lodge. We talked and cuddled and then walked down to the main house for breakfast. Four of my friends and four of Matt's were already here, so we chowed down on a very yummy, homemade breakfast on the flagstone patio.

Then we played a very fun game with Scrabble tiles (remind me to post the directions when I have more time).

After breakfast, some friends went into the mountains and into Estes Park for the day, and some helped us finish putting up white lights on the deck and in the grove where we'll be eating dinner for the reception tomorrow night.

Then our helpers took off for the day, and Matt and I did some final things on our to-do list.

Matt just went for a run and I'm chilling. So far (knock on wood) this has been a very relaxing event. [Editor's Note: I'm knocking on more wood!]

After Matt returns and showers, we're going to make a brownie-cherry dessert for tonight (with vanilla ice-cream on top). Again, remind me to post the directions when I have more time.

For now, I'm off to hang out with my friends on the deck!

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