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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eco-Friendlier Rings

It's pretty nerve-wracking to order rings off the internet. Yep, that means we never even tried them on for size or fit or style.

Since we wanted eco-friendlier rings, we had to go with a company that was a few states away. I use the phrase "eco-friendlier" rather than "eco-friendly" because the best thing to do would have been to reuse. [insert plug for vintage] We just couldn't find anything that suited us.

So, our second best bet was to recycle. Since greenKarat melted down the old gold of our friends and family, our order didn't create any new demand for mined metal. And since my stone (a sapphire) is synthetic, it also didn't create any demand for mining.

But just for the record, we're not totally off the hook. Any process that requires energy and shipping is bound to leave a carbon-footprint. But at least it's a smaller footprint than it could've been.

Plus, our rings will be incredibly sentimental, since they each contain a piece of so many friends and family.

I just hope we like them. Actually, I really, really hope we love them.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I was looking for eco freindly (cheap) wedding bands and I ran across your website here. Will you be posting pictures? I would love to see decor, dress, ect... and how you did it for 2000 bucks. I really think you guys are going the right way on this. Seeing friends get wrapped up in their weddings and putting so much money into one day has gotten me wicked frustrated. If you have any tips besides what you post on here, I would love to hear them! Good luck and congrats!


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