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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Photography Democracy

The Knot is having another "Blowout Sale."

This time, the featured items are disposable cameras. I actually really enjoyed this trend when it emerged many years back. I appreciated the democratization of photography (i.e., the photography of all the guests matters).

However, I liked it in theory more than in practice. I noticed guests taking photos of breasts and butts, and I realized that five year-olds tended to be the people most attracted to the cameras.

Now that the environmental movement is in full swing (and so many people have digital cameras), I can't understand why people are still using disposable cameras. They are bad for the environment, and it costs money to develop the film.

Matt and I are seeking the benefits of the cameras, without all the drawbacks. We're assuming that most of our guests will bring their own digital cameras (i.e., BYODC). In order to capture all of our guests' images after the event, we set up a flickr account and paid $25/year for the upgrade. The upgrade allows us unlimited uploading and storage. We added directions to our wedsite about how to upload photographs (it's as easy as entering the username and password and clicking upload), and we will send a follow-up e-mail after the wedding.

I'm crossing my fingers that it works (it will be a lot of different people accessing the same account, I'm not sure that it will). I'll keep you updated.

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