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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The To-Bring List

Matt and I are moving to a new state three days after our wedding. On the way home from the wedding, in fact, we swing by and pick up the moving fan. It's not the kind of honeymoon I recommend.

It also means that in the midst of finalizing our wedding plans, we've had to plan a move. Procure boxes. Find a house. Make an offer. Apply for a loan. Schedule inspections. Get homeowners insurance. Shut off utilities. Turn on utilities. Schedule a moving fan. Change our address. And, worst of all, pack!

We've postponed the packing as much as possible, so we can live a quasi-normal life in our current house. But now it's time to break-down our house and pack it into discrete units. Matt and I discussed our plan on the way home from hiking yesterday. We think it makes the most sense to pack all of our stuff for the wedding and then pack up the rest of our house.

We've got a master wedding project plan in Excel. One of the tabs is "To Bring." For the past six months, I've been adding things to the list as they occur to me. Also, because we're catering the reception with the help of friends and the innkeepers at the B&B site, we have to bring a lot more stuff than the average couple.

Here's my advice for composing a comprehensive list: think through the day (or the weekend) moment by moment. As you envision yourself doing something, also envision what you will need to do it. To effectively do this, you really need to slow down. It's a tedious, yet helpful, process. I use it whenever I pack for a trip, get food from the grocery store, or plan a workshop/conference/party.

Without further ado, here is our list:

Copies of ceremony programs
Sound system
Ring hat
Cooler for ceremony drinks
Officiants's binder
Quilt and Basket
Towels to dry off ceremony drinks
Towel for brushing off dirt from tree-planting
Watering can for tree-planting
Wedding dress
Wedding necklace
Wedding shawl
Wedding shoes
Wedding makeup
Box to recycle ceremony drinks
Towels for hot tub
Board games
Ice container
Extra knives
Cutting boards
Copies of job descriptions
Wedding planning binder
Check for Sunshine Mountain
Sewing kit
Shirt for hairstyle
Bobbie pins
Hair stuff
IPOD charger
Back-up IPOD
Laundry basket for napkins
DVD player
Wedding video DVD
Containers for seven-layer dip
Tin foil
Plastic bags
Cake server
Hiking boots
Sharpies for cups
Strainer for cans
Ribbon for bouquet

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