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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wedding Feedback #4

I talked to my cousin, Brittany, on the phone today, and it sounds like she thoroughly enjoyed the wedding. She talked about how nice all of our friends were and how she enjoyed multiple opportunities to talk to people (e.g., the Friday night Welcome Picnic, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, the ceremony, and the reception).

It's particularly cool that the wedding affected her life in two distinct ways:
  1. She met one of Matt's friends who is in medical school, and they followed-up via telephone so Brittany could ask a lot of questions (she's an undergraduate now and trying to decide on her next steps).
  2. She was so inspired by how connected Matt and I have stayed to our friends that she's figuring out how she can stay better connected to her own friends.
A wedding with a lasting impact on the guests. Mission accomplished!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I got married back in April everyone seemed to love our wedding. It turns out that several people who were invited to our wedding had known each other. What shock that was to find that out the day of the wedding. I couldn't believe the connection. I still have people talking about our wedding. I put so much love into the wedding that I think people could see and feel it.

-Jodi :)

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