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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We've Chosen to Keep It Simple

The cake order has been placed. It was as simple as walking into Whole Foods, eying all the options, and deciding on the following:

1-8" carrot cake
1-8" tiramisu
1-9" apple tart
1-9" turtle cheesecake
1-8" chocolate decadence
1/2 sheet cake of berry chantilly

On the low side, it will serve 80 people. On the high side, it will serve 110.

It was so simple. We only ordered it two weeks in advance. It's a special order so they will make it that day, and it only cost $178. We had budged $200.

How cool is it to come in under budget yet again? Plus, there won't be any fondant in sight (which, incidentally, always makes me wonder, "Did I accidentally get something plastic in my mouth?"). One more plus: people will get to choose among many different options.

I'm really glad we've chosen to keep it simple.

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