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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Budget Wedding Thank-You Cards

I've been quite the headless chicken lately. We married on a Saturday, picked up the moving van on Monday, and bought a house on Wednesday. The following Sunday, I was on a plane to present at a conference in San Antonio. Then it was back to Houston to present full-day workshops for four days straight. Then I was on a plane to Denver for two more days of presentations. Tomorrow I leave for New York for a planning session.

But we must send out the thank-you cards! Sticking with our budget theme, I have found $.09 prints from Snapfish. They have the coolest feature now: you can make a collage out of several photos and print it on one 4x6 photo.

Matt and I have a history of sending photos as postcards. You simply smack on a postcard stamp and voila!

We might actually personalize each postcard by taking out one of the current photos and substituting it with a photo of the recipient. We'll see how that goes.

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Unknown said...

My hubby and I ordered our invites and response postcards from Vistaprint.com.

For under $150.00 we received everything including the envelopes.

Kudos to you for researching and looking outside the box!

Claire said...

So I am thinking of doing the photo postcard as a save the date. We would just find a cute picture of us together and then write a little message on the back with the dates and location of course and then address it with a stamp? Its that easy? And it gets there? For some reason I find this too good to be true. You're saying you have done this many of a time without problem?

Sara E. Cotner said...

@ Claire:

I swear it's that easy! Matt and I do it all the time. You should do your own test-run.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Did you get glossy or matte finish? Were you able to write on the back without it smearing? Thanks

Anonymous said...

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