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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cute + Comfortable = Good Wedding Shoes

I've been in Indianapolis this week doing some educational consulting for a KIPP school. It meant that I had to get out of my pajama pants and get into some professional dress.

Today, I actually wore my "wedding shoes." I put that phrase in quotes because I didn't actually buy them for the wedding (remember the $2,000 budget?). I've had them for a long time. In fact, I've worn them to a lot of other people's weddings.

I just thought it was cool that I wore those same shoes to work today (they are comfortable enough to wear for 10+ hours). I looked at them and was flooded with a sentimental feeling, "Awww...the last time I wore these was on the dance floor at my reception."

Very fun.

[insert Public Service Announcement about how you should be sure to wear comfortable shoes at your wedding. There's so much talk about cute shoes--don't forget the other C!]

P.S. These are Dansko--which happens to be my favorite brand (it's apparently the preferred brand of nurses and teachers).

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Matthew Bradford said...

Honey, you make me and your hairy son so proud.

Anonymous said...

haha. love it! i am thinking about wearing an inexpensive pair of heels for the ceremony (since i'll be the shortest up there by 4 inches to 1'2"), then changing into a comfy pair of ballet flats for the reception.

pain does not equal beauty, especially in your wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

Amen on the shoes! I bought a pair of wedge sandals from Payless, and my mom almost had a fit... Sure, they were casual and my dress was more formal, but since the ceremony and reception were in my parents' backyard, there was no way I wanted to wear heels that would sink in the dirt! Plus, I love them, and wear them all the time :-)

Anonymous said...

Sara, I just wanted you to know that, on your recommendation, I'm buying my first pair of Danskos as my wedding (and hopefully many, many other occasions) shoes! Check out these bad boys: http://www.zappos.com/dansko-surraya-white-crinkle-patent

Kristen (kristenwalker.com) said...

I am stoked to see this conversation about comfortable shoes! I was torn between two pairs of shoes — and ultimately the uber-comfy pair won out :) We are standing for the ceremony and I just kept imagining me bring uncomfortable in my shoes and thinking about them and I didn't want that, so I chose this pair on Zappos:


They aren't Danskos, but extremely comfortable with a very low heal.

Thanks for the comfy-shoe support!

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