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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dogs in the Wedding Ceremony

Yesterday's post featured a picture of our dog, Hoss, on his new dog bed. It reminded me of how amazing it was to have our dog with us throughout our wedding weekend. He's such an important part of our life, and we were so happy he got to meet all of our closest friends and family.

When Matt and I were first talking about getting a dog, my mom warned us against it. Even though she's an avid dog-lover herself, she explained that having a dog would severely dampen our spontaneous spirits. It definitely makes life more difficult at times (like finding a hotel during road trips), but the benefits certainly outweigh the drawbacks. We pretty much try to bring him with us wherever we go.

That's why he had to come to the wedding. Fortunately, the innkeepers at the reception site are also dog lovers, and their entire facility--Sunshine Mountain Lodge--is entirely open to dogs. They even let us borrow a stake and a rope (since 90% of bloodhounds cannot be let off the leash; they will catch a scent and be gone!).

Because Hoss is such a chill dog, he wasn't a hassle at all. He pretty much slept in the middle of everything. Plus, the old adage--"it takes a village"--was true at our wedding, too. Our friends and family helped look after Hoss and entertain him. Two of our guests also brought their dogs, so he had some canine company.

Hoss was even in the ceremony. Unfortunately (or, fortunately--depending on how you look at it), right when the ceremony started, Hoss threw up. Maybe it was nerves. Maybe it was all the grass he kept eating. Maybe his bandanna was too tight. Either way, it left all of us laughing and really lightened the mood. Hooray for comic relief! I love both children and dogs in wedding ceremonies because they add such a humane element. They keep it real (unless the kid is a brat; then it's just obnoxious).

I imagine that having our dog around throughout the entire wedding weekend helped keep us relaxed. Hoss really is like a therapy dog. It's soothing just running your hands through his soft ears. Plus, remembering to feed and take care of an animal during your wedding is one way to keep you from getting too self-centered!

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Anonymous said...

It is funny because my mom has said the same thing. "A dog is so much work. You two are always on the go. When will you find time to care for a dog?" she says. My fiance and I will get a dog soon anyway. It was very nice that you were able to take him with you.

Liz said...

The sister of a friend of mine had her cat in her wedding several years ago. The original plan was to walk the cat on a leash. I think her brother ended up carrying him, which worked out better.

I think pets add such an important dimension to life, and I'm glad you not only got Hoss, but you featured him during your wedding weekend. You'll always remember that!

Since you're a dog lover, give this book a look: "Dog Park Diary," by Kim Pearson. It's from the dog's point of view, and the dog narrator has an acerbic, almost snotty sense of humor. Enjoy!

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