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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Free Wedding Vendors

I've already mentioned two of my post-wedding-planning projects: Halloween and the honeymoon. There's one more that's worth mentioning because it very much connects with weddings.

I'm trying to start a Time Bank in my neighborhood.

Time banks are a national movement to build community and connection within a neighborhood. Here's how it works: people in a localized neighborhood create profiles on the webpage for their particular time bank. They indicate what skills and labor they would be willing to do for fellow neighbors (e.g., dog-sitting, plumbing, sewing, etc.). Every time a fellow neighbor takes you up on your offered skills, you then get to bank the number of hours that you spent doing the task. You then used your banked hours to "purchase" other people's services.

How cool is that?

It's such an amazing way to strengthen bonds within a neighborhood, showcase individuals' talents, and help everyone save money!

You should check and see if your neighborhood has a time bank already. If not, consider starting one! You can order a start-up kit for $50, and the only other costs is a $100 yearly subscription fee for the software (which, by the way, is stellar). If you charge each member an annual membership of $5 or $10, you won't actually lose any of your own money.

What an amazing way to procure vendors for your wedding! Photography, catering, floral design, sewing...the list goes on!

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