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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Genital Diversity in the Wedding Party

Yesterday, Ariel over at Offbeat Bride posted this picture of a wedding party. She loved the red-hot dresses, the tattoos, and the cute white shirts. I love the fact that there are both men and women on the groom's side. What a rarity!

I think the wedding party should be comprised of your nearest and dearest (tangent: no one should feel like an obligation!). But I'm always surprised to see wedding parties fall along very strict sex lines: girls on one side, boys on the other. It's reminds me of fifth-grade recess!

Of course it makes sense to be segregated like that if all the bride's closest friends/family really are female and all the groom's are male. I'm not suggesting that you fudge your relationships in order to get more genital diversity. But honestly, people, should your fiance's sister really be on your side?

I wonder if it's partly about aesthetics. Maybe some brides worry that it won't look as good because the outfits can't be as matchy-matchy.

What are your thoughts?

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Ariel said...

This is definitely a trend I'm starting to see more in nontraditional weddings. Here's a link with a few more examples: http://offbeatbride.com/tag/cross-gender-wedding-party

Unknown said...

I had a pretty traditional wedding myself, and my "side" comprised my two brothers and a Best Woman. Who wore a dress the same color as, but a different style from, the bridesmaids. And literally nobody has said anything about even noticing a difference from the norm, ever, at least not to me.

Kate said...

It only felt natural that my husband's sister be on his side of the party. As much as I've grown to love her, she'll always be his sister and should be by his side. She wore a skirt suit and a pinned corsage and all day long we heard people commenting on how nice it was that she was on his side.

Mrs. Andi said...

This will probably be something that we're more traditional about. I've always liked the idea of seeing the pretty ladies together & the handsome men together, especially if all are wearing matching/similar outfits. It's not a gender thing, but my bf & I have mutual friends who could really be on either side. His friends are mine, vice versa. My brother will walk me down the aisle & probably be in the wedding party on the groom's side.

Louise said...

According to tradition, the bride takes the groom's sister as bridesmaid to symbolise the two families coming together.

I'm not much of a traditionalist but I see this as a meaningful custom worth preserving.

Flower Arrangements said...

All of you look great and I love the cowboy hat.

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