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Friday, August 22, 2008

Honeymoon Update

I am totally procrastinating from my real work and am instead indulging in planning fun.

I remembered that I bought Matt a book a few years ago called, Classic Hikes of the World. I figured that flipping through the photos would be a great way to find the heart-stopping beauty I was referencing earlier.

I played a little game with myself. I would look at the pictures, try to guess the location, and then confirm or revise my answer by reading the caption.

The first heart-stopping beauty I came upon was the John Muir Trail in Southern California. But, I've already been on the John Muir trail in Northern California, and I'm originally from Southern California, so that option was quickly ruled out.

And Canada. Wow. The Pacific Rim National Park in British Columbia is stunning. So are the Yoho and Kootenay National Parks in Alberta and British Columbia.

South America only had two entries, both of which were in Patagonia. It looks beautiful, of course, but everyone in the pictures looks dressed very warmly. A commentor on this site kindly informed me that Patagonia is, in fact, very cold. Hmph.

And then there was Hawaii. On the surface, it seems like a very trite honeymoon destination. I would even bet that it's the premier honeymoon destination for North Americans. My friend just returned from her honeymoon in Croatia, and that sounded much more unique.

But wow. In particular, my book highlighted the Na Pali Coast in Kauai. It's so lush. And so humbling. And heart-stopping. Besides, I would never prevent myself from doing something I wanted to do, just because others consider it cliched.

And then Carrie left a comment on the last post about her honeymoon in none other than Kauai. I didn't even think about the fresh fruit! (I honestly think I'm as addicted to fresh fruit as I am to raw cookie dough.)

There's a lot to consider. Honestly, I'm very glad I wasn't trying to plan this trip and the wedding at the same time. That would have been overload.

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Carrie said...

We did the hike from Ke'e Beach up to Hanakapi'ai falls (part of the 11 mi. Kalaulau Trail along the Napali Coast). It was one of the most amazing experiences ever, and you get to each fresh mangoes, guavas and lilikoi (passionfruit) on the way up to the falls!

If you want to do only one island, I would definitely recommend Kauai for your purposes. Avoid Maui (shopping) and Oahu (just like any other city).

mstrex said...

you should check out molokai as well. the hike down to the kalaupapa peninsula is amazing.

Lisa said...

We passed on Kalaulau--even though we've backpacked before, it seemed too strenuous/challenging for what we were looking for. We did camp and hike at nearby Waimea Kanyon/Kokee State Park, which was lovely, still challenging, and had beautiful views of the Napali Coast. That, and Kauai generally, sounds like it could be a terrific trip for you.

I really adored the Big Island too though. We stayed two nights in Volcano near Volcanoes National Park, which was phenomenal. The Volcano Lodge we stayed at was unbelievable and the most romantic place I'd stayed. They have 2 property cats, a lovely hot tub/garden, a common area with a fireplace/tables, tons of books and videos to borrow, and no phones or televisions in the guest rooms. Lovely! Plus black sand beaches, sea turtles, and all kinds of treasures.

jamie said...

Oh! As soon as I saw that picture... My heart raced a little... Back in my free spirited 19 year old days I spent a couple months camping on the beaches of Kauai. Haha! What a bum! :o)

I understand the "hawaii cliche" dilemma. But know that Kauai is LOVELY. The hike to Kalaulau is AMAZING. I was not a huge hiker, and it was difficult, but totally manageable. There are camp spots along the way so you can break it up into different days, too. I made the trek several times during my stay.

It is often uncrowded there. Like a little secret wonderland. One of the best parts- going up the canyon during the days ad sunbathing on huge boulders over the most peaceful river surrounded by a grove of bamboo....... with NO ONE AROUND.

Hm... I think I should go check for flight prices to Kauai......

east side bride said...

We spent three nights in Ucluelet, BC on the Pacific Rim (the first leg of a magnificent two-week honeymoon roadtrip). It is unspeakably gorgeous, and there are great restaurants in Ukie and nearby Tofino, super-cool eco-conscious locals, and tremendous beaches for surfing, hiking, whale watching, etc.

I have to say, it was very cool to honeymoon in a place that wasn't full of honymooners. Feel free to email me if you want any recommends. I bet you'd dig it ;)

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