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Monday, August 18, 2008

Wedding Thank-You Cards

The thank-you cards arrived from Snapfish. Hooray!

The collage of photos looks great. A few of the pictures are super-small, but we just couldn't cut any more out of the final selection.

The best part is that I'm actually looking forward to writing notes to my friends and family to thank them for making the trek to Colorado. I imagine Matt and I will do the same thing we did on our invitations: split the writing space in half and each write a little note to the recipient. It creates twice as much work, but it's worth it in my book. At least we kept the guest list to a manageable minimum, so it won't be too time-consuming!

P.S. All the guests are getting thank-you cards, not just those who came bearing gifts. This is a wedding pet-peeve of mine. I think it's important to acknowledge that people who spend hundreds of dollars to get themselves to the wedding are, in fact, giving a "gift."

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Anonymous said...

I really love your thank you note concept. I know that will mean much more to your guests than just a monogrammed card. I also really think its an excellent idea to thank everyone who came to your wedding in addition to gift bearing guests. It is truly a gift. Wonderful Post!

Anonymous said...

Great point about giving a thank you card to every single guest! If someone spends $100 on a dress to wear to your wedding, $400 in plan tickets to get there, and then can't shell out $100 for a gift, do they not deserve thanks?

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