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Friday, August 15, 2008

What do you do with the dress after the wedding?

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my wedding dress now that the wedding is over. More brides should figure this out before they purchase one! Here are all the options I can think of:
  1. Resell it: This option makes a ton of sense for those of you with expensive, fancy dresses. That way, you make back some of the money you spent. Even better, resell a dress that you also bought used. Wedding dresses are like cars; they start depreciating as soon as you take them off the lot (unless it will be considered a vintage dress in 50 years, I suppose).
  2. Store it: This option is cool if you really think you'll use it for something someday. Will your daughter really want to wear it? Depends on the style and the daughter's style, no doubt. It's expensive to store dresses. And once they're properly stored in their hermetic seal, you can't exactly take it out and reminisce with it (besides, isn't that why you had all those photos taken anyway?).
  3. Wear it: This option is my favorite. I love when brides purchase dresses they can repurpose for other occasions. My good friend, Camella, had a dress made by Lorna over at Fancy Pony Land, and she can wear her dress for a variety of events.
  4. Transform it: This option is my second favorite. I think it's cool to transform your wedding dress into something else you will use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (e.g., a quilt, a tablecloth, a pillow, a bag, curtains, etc.).
My dress isn't fancy enough to resell, so option number one is out. I have enough trouble finding places to store my book collection, and I really am content to look at my dress in pictures. Goodbye, Option #2. Number three could be a viable option, but I think I would feel weird wearing my wedding dress around town. I'm not sure why.

That pretty much leaves me with option #4: transform it. Since my favorite part of the dress is our embroidered life story around the bottom (as well as the full skirt), I think it makes the most sense to transform it into a skirt by turning the sash into a waistband and inserting a zipper. I would feel comfortable paring it with a casual top and sporting that ensemble around town for sure (assuming I could actually make a decent skirt).

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Unknown said...

You definitely have put alot of thought into this. And I have to say that I agree with your option choice.

Anonymous said...

You could do a "Trash the Dress" photoshoot!

Anonymous said...

I really love your dress so I'm glad to hear that you will be wearing it again! It will make a great skirt!

Anonymous said...

I really like your idea of turning your dress into a skirt. My grandmother had a simple, cotton wedding dress. When the wedding was over, she dyed it blue and wore it all the time.

Leslie said...

neat idea!

My friend just had a bedskirt for her nursery made out of something of her grandmas that was really special to her...maybe the dress can live a third life someday if little ones come along ;)

Sarah said...

Not sure if you've done something with your dress yet, but you might just want to cut the embroidery into one long strip and frame it. Or frame it in a series of smaller frames. Could hang over your marital bed, in a nursery (since you have the charming images like the bird bath) etc. I LOVE your dress. I've been dreaming about embroidering my favorite animals, flowers, plants, etc. onto a sash for my wedding, but I particularly love your idea to put you and your man's story on your dress. So romantic!

Anonymous said...

great idea!! I would feel comfortable paring it with a casual top and sporting.yeah! its cool transform the wedding gown into simple dress that i can use on my daily life. thumbs up!!

Tree Hugging Mother said...

My mother in law got married in simple purple and brown print sun dress. She saved the dress - even though it was nothing fancy and her daughter wore it to her bridal shower. I thought this was such an incredibly cool concept. My mom was incredibly smaller than I am when she was married, so I can't use her dress. I don't think she still has it though, because she's been long since divorced. I want to say though, that I have gotten so so so many ideas from your website! My fiance and I have a 4k dollar budget, but we're trying not to use all 4k of it.

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