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Monday, September 8, 2008

Disturbing Wedding Advice #4

Matt and I were given a funny little gift during our wedding planning process: Check List For a Perfect Wedding by Barbara Lee Follett (the 1973 version). It is ripe with antiquated etiquette (to which, of course, many people still subscribe). Lots of the check-list items fall within the "Worst Wedding Advice" category. But, interestingly enough, it has snippets of great advice, too:

BAD: "Select proper shade of stockings for bridesmaids and have each girl buy a pair...Buy a lipstick and nail polish for all attendants to use. That way, all will wear the same shade."

GOOD: "You want a happy, serene and memorable day--not a stage production. The elaborateness or cost of your wedding will not be the factor that will make it outstanding, so do not put a financial strain on your parents or yourself. Feel free to eliminate expensive frills. The wedding should be keyed to your own desires and finances."

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